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The NL Highly skilled migrant 2022 Event

3 mei 2022

The knowledge migrant is on the rise in the Netherlands. More and more often, these knowledge workers are employed to fill vacancies….

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Vesteda sustainability: Schuilenburg

15 maart 2022

Together with BAM Wonen, Vesteda is working to make 116 Vesteda homes in the Schuilenburg district of Amersfoort more sustainable. These measures…

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Humble Heroes: Julia Philippens

9 maart 2022

Meet humble hero and the amazing Dutch violinist Julia Philippens. Julia studied violin at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. After her Jazz Bachelor…

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Human Rights Watch

Studio, Sport & Mensenrechten

6 maart 2022

In deze online special van het Human Rights Weekend interviewt journalist Max Christern oud-toptafeltennisser en China-kenner Bettine Vriesekoop, aan de hand van…

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Humble Heroes: Sarah-Jane

11 januari 2022

Meet humble hero Sarah-Jane. Sarah-Jane is a Dutch soul singer who is making quite a name for herself. Sarah-Jane grew up with…