Introduction to Oncology Graduate School Amsterdam

12 september 2022

OOA is a joint graduate school of the Amsterdam UMC Cancer Center Amsterdam and Netherlands Cancer Institute, VU and UvA dedicated to…

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Humble Heroes: Tessa Boomkamp

1 september 2022

Tessa Boomkamp is a Dutch singer, guitarist and drummer. Tessa studied light music percussion at the Conservatory of Enschede and graduated cum…

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Symposium 125-jarig bestaan Mathot

15 juni 2022

Inspirerende sprekers, toptheater van ’thealeerduo’ Tiny en Tonny en een uitgebreid buffet: Mathot Medische Speciaalzaken legt zorgprofessionals dit jaar in de watten…

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The NL Highly skilled migrant 2022 Event

3 mei 2022

The knowledge migrant is on the rise in the Netherlands. More and more often, these knowledge workers are employed to fill vacancies….

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Vesteda sustainability: Schuilenburg

15 maart 2022

Together with BAM Wonen, Vesteda is working to make 116 Vesteda homes in the Schuilenburg district of Amersfoort more sustainable. These measures…

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